About Us

SureStart is the Government’s programme, to make life better for and to support children and health, parents and communities by integrating early education, childcare and health and family support services.

SureStart County Durham (SSCD) has the strategic responsibility for planning and ensuring delivery of children’s services throughout County Durham.

Durham County Council has a Nominated Strategic Officer to work at a corporate level to ensure strategic planning and performance monitoring are in place across the authority.

The Lead Officer for the service ensures delivery of the SSCD targets, which are set out in the Single Education Plan (SEP), working within a team of staff on the implementation of the Plan for full service delivery.

The activity of the team is mostly funded through the DfES SureStart Grant and provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the delivery of targets within the SureStart County Durham Plan. It is made up of staff employed by Children & Young People’s Services (formally Education and Social Care and Health), together with contracting arrangements through partner organisations, which can deliver on aspects of the plan.

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