Here’s a range of courses that you can find in your local Sure Start Children’s Centres.  They’re for mams, dads, carers with a child 0-5 in the family who are registered with Sure Start. 

aBc2 (and baby came too)

aBc2 (and baby came along too) is a fun, free 12 week course for young parents under the age of 19 to learn new skills, such as baby lifesaver training and fire safety in the home, as well as meeting new friends.  It’s for young parents under the age of 19. If you’re a young mam, dad or carer then call Linda Frazer at Stanley Children’s Centre on 01207 232 048 for more information.

Approved Food Safety Awareness (CIEH) Level One & Food Safety in Catering Level Two

The level 1 (3-4hr)course provides the basic principles of food safety and is suitable for occasional food handlers i.e. serving staff and kitchen porters and those dealing with wrapped food.  The level 2 (6hr) course provides a broader understanding of food hygiene. This qualification is designed principally for those who are, or intend to be, food handlers. The course includes an in depth understanding of the importance of food hygiene, the causes of food poisoning, types of contamination, causes of  food spoilage and control measures and the management of food safety using food safety management systems.  The course is ideal for parents/carers of young children and you will receive a CIEH Certificate at the end of the course, for further information contact Jacqui English on 01207 232 048. (There are limited crèche places available.)

Computer Courses

6 week Computer courses for anyone who would like to know a little bit more about using their computer and the internet.  Course 1 is suitable for beginners.  You will learn how to use a      variety of different programmes including Microsoft Word and Media Player. Course 2 is suitable for anyone who has used a PC before but would like to know a little bit more with opportunities to develop skills in word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, etc. Course 3 is suitable for anyone who has used a PC before but would like to know even more. There’s a limited crèche available so the little ones can be looked   after while you attend.  There are no tests or exams but you will     receive a Certificate of Attendance.  Call Julie Rennie on 07990 753300 if you’d like any further Information or to put your name down for the next course

Domestic Abuse Support Programme

The Domestic Abuse Support Programme is a 10 week programme for any woman affected by domestic abuse.  It provides them with the opportunity to explore the impact domestic violence has on their lives and their children with each session closing on a positive feeling.  It  also provides women with a valuable support network and useful information about what resources are available to them in their area.  The programme is aimed at any woman who has been affected by domestic violence in any way.  The programme runs regularly and is always held at a confidential, safe and central location and it is supported by a crèche to help those    requiring childcare.  Anyone wishing to attend can contact Linda Frazer or Angela Malarkey on 01207 232 048.

“A good course that has helped me to understand what happened to me and that it wasn’t my fault and taught me to look out for tell tale signs for the future.”

Early Days Parenting Programme (babies 0-6 months)

Early Days is a 12 week course for mums/dads/parents/carers with babies aged 0 - 6 months that includes 4 weeks of baby massage and promotes communication, play and emotional development.  The session is for anyone with a baby under 6 months old.  Call your local Children’s Centre to see when and where the next course is being held and to book your place.

Paediatric First Aid Course (EDI Endorsed First Aid for Babies and Children)

Issues covered in the Paediatric First Aid Course include dealing with a first aid emergency, contents of a first aid box, safe administration of medicines,  managing the unconscious casualty, resuscitation procedures, recovery position, blood loss & shock, control of bleeding, different types of wounds, internal bleeding, shock, causes of unconsciousness, asphyxia, head injuries, infantile convulsion, diabetes, epilepsy, burns & scalds, fractures, hypothermia, heat stroke/exhaustion, foreign objects in eyes, ears & noses, recognition of minor illness, chronic medical conditions, and any issues raised by the delegates will be addressed by the tutor. 

The course is ideal for parents/carers of young children.  There are limited crèche places available, for further information contact Jacqui English on 01207 232 048.


A 4 week course of antenatal classes giving you the opportunity to find out more about pregnancy, labour and caring for your new baby, they show you practical techniques such as relaxation, breathing and postures for labour and birth, baby care and breastfeeding, etc.  The classes are very welcoming and comprise of a group of expectant mothers (not necessarily first time mums). In addition, there is an    experienced midwife who runs the class. From time to time, there may be a health visitor present as well to assist on topics like post natal depression, baby care etc.  Partners are not only allowed but are welcomed to the sessions.  Contact your midwife for details.

Skills for Life

It’s a fun and interesting session for adults, focusing on working with numbers, everyday maths, English and using computers. It is ideal for those entering into or returning to learning and offers the opportunity for you to work at your own pace and gain nationally recognised qualifications in English or Maths up to Level 2.  Give Jacqui English a call on 01207 232 048 for more information or to book a place. 

“I wanted to brush up my skills on maths so that I am able to help my own children with their future homework.  The tutor is great and maths finally makes sense.”


A course for parents to help them talk to their children about sex and relationships.  For more information contact Linda Frazer at Stanley Children’s Centre on 01207 232 048.

Stop Smoking Service

You’re pregnant … Congratulations! If you are a smoker and want to stop, then now you can do so with FREE sessions that really work.  One in two people who use the Stop Smoking Service are not smoking four weeks later. For more information on this offer or our stop smoking services contact Mahshid Turner on 01207 523 621 or just text 07825 365 506 or e-mail:

“I just didn’t imagine it to be such a friendly service.  I couldn’t have done it by myself” 

Weaning Course (babies 4-5 months)

The weaning course is held over four weeks and gives advice on how to introduce solid food to baby’s diet.  These sessions run regularly so contact your health professional or your local Children’s Centre if you’d like your details on the waiting list. You will then be invited when your child is 4-5 months old, if you’d like any further information then please contact Louise Frost 01207 593 853.


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