Children’s Centers

Where are the Children’s Centres?

The map of the Children’s Centres shows where centres are located.  They offer a huge range of services and activities across County Durham.

What services do One Point provide?

Services in One Point are available from pre-birth right through to when a young person reaches 19 years old (25 if the child is disabled) to make sure everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Children's Centers

As the needs of young children are very different to young people, our integrated team is made up of a range of services including:

  • Family support
  • Health visitors
  • School nurses
  • Think Family workers
  • Children and families wellbeing for life worker
  • Team around the school support worker
  • Education welfare officers
  • Educational psychologists
  • Youth workers
  • Personal advisors

The One Point Service adopts a “Think Family”approach when working with families.

Think Family is a way of thinking and working that encourages staff to consider the whole family when carrying outwork with individual children or adults. This is based on evidence which shows that if one person in a family is experiencing problems, it can have an effect on other members of the family.

By considering and addressing the needs of all family members it is more likely that positive change takes place.